Who we are

We are collection of humans who believe that, our behavior changes our surroundings, our actions create impact, our dreams improves the better version of society. Our change is going to impact this universe just by changing our habits that we follow in our day to day life which we educate & guide kids to follow by showing them rather saying it to them.

We are your friend who is more interested in collecting dreams to participate in your life journey. To help and support you in getting connected with right contacts wherever required.


Do whatever you want in your LIFE. Put your soul into it. Practice patience and face challenges in all circumstances that fall in place.

Do ping us @ +91 9840969548 if you're facing any challenges in understanding, discovering or accomplishing your dreams

1. Write your dream in a paper.

2. Add Today's Date & your Signature.

3. Use #ThaniOruvan #AmazingHumanBeing

4. Post it in all your social media profiles & tag all your besties

Writing helps to think wiser & expands your focus

Date & Signature gives you commitment.

As technology is widely used. Your dream will be spread across the planet.
To connect with similar mindsets & even your friends can understand your dreams more better to add support.

Dream is collection of our THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, DESIRES, VISUALS and EMOTIONS which we see, hear and feel everyday. These elements get deep-rooted within us and emerge into ideas thus becoming one's goal or passion.

You start speaking to yourself - thus reflecting on your thoughts take place making you strong and self confident,

  • It teaches you to handle challenges and celebrate the success and embrace the failures,
  • It gives you experiences - definitely life changing or self awakening,
  • It creates a better version of you,
  • It makes you responsible,
  • It equips your generation and the next generation to be,
  • It makes you think - THINK in different perspectives, and

finally, It completes YOU - like connecting the missing parts of a puzzle into a beautiful frame of your choice.

Writing your dream simplifies the process. Writing ignites your muscles which are responsible for thINKing.

As you jot down, the words start asking WHY, you answer and it LISTENS to you thus making you to VISUALISE the future connecting all the dots. It gives you a plan or a framework and words keeps you going for a bigger and a better future.

Writing gives you the clarity and confidence you yearned for. Writing heals your body, mind and soul and writing is a thERApy - an era of enlightenment.

Sharing your dream creates thinking pattern in others LIFE.

  • It connects people sharing the same dream to move on to next level.
  • It can help you build a community of like minded people.
  • It can help you find a mentor or be a mentor to others.

Sometimes, your flow of life can be answers for others - who are yet to find a dream. Your way of seeing things may help your friends and family. It creates necessary distractions in your kith and kin's LIFE and adds value to PEOPLE and PLANET.

You're directly or indirectly connected to all problems happening around YOU.

  • Your Change in Habit & Behavior creates healthy and happy family & friends circle.
  • Your consistent efforts towards your dream can create better community.
  • You're the actual consumer and producer for all the business that you start.

Choosing productive habits, wiser behavior, honest business & inter-dependent relationship can fix all problems in this world.

That's completely Okay. Work on your Skills. Do whatever you want to DO. However, make sure

  • You're not disturbing environment with your activities.
  • You're not worrying people with your behavior.
  • You're not believing every information that you READ from internet is TRUE.

Focusing on Individual change can help you discover your dream, discover your purpose and ultimately you will spread the same with your fellow beings.

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I'm just reflecting my Thoughts. Learning is LIFE Time GOAL.

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